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I thought about writing something relatively sensible about this episode and then I focussed on SW & ZYL and what happens to them both during the episode... and then I saw the last scene again.

Emotions happened again!

(I then watched episode 4 of Detective L as a distraction).

Guardian doesn't seem to be letting its hooks out of me any time soon, that's for sure.

The last two episodes will need to be watched at the same time so that will have to wait.

I love this crazy show.
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The episode where the SID begins to plan for their last stand.

All the SID team shine in their own way in this episode with a particular shout out to Guo Changcheng and Zhu Hong.

ZYL was like a proud big brother watching Zhu Hong come into her own with the Yashou.

Poor Lin Jing, that is all. 😢

Shen Wei and Zhao Yunlan exchange epic glances throughout this show and this episode is no exception. The end makes your heart sink because you know what is coming soon.


Apr. 21st, 2019 11:21 am
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Forgot to mention earlier in the week that I went to see a movie called Wild Rose. It is set in Glasgow and has a very wild main character who wants to be a country singer.

Jessie Buckley is very good, the music is awesome and the supporting cast includes Julie Walters and Sophie Okonedo.

It is not the type to stay in UK cinemas for an extended run so I have no idea how long it would be released for overseas. It is not all sunshine and light by any stretch of the imagination but it was a good evening of viewing.
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Well, this one wasn't my favourite the first time through but I guess I forgot that quite a lot gets packed into it.

The nutty professor is still my least favourite of all the characters simply because he is so OTT and he really doesn't need to be, his research is bad enough on its own. This show has some truly peculiar characters in it and I can handle them fine but every time he appears on screen I wince.

Lin Jing and Guo Changcheng being SID to the core in the middle of HDS shenanigans makes me smile. What happens to then both makes me make a sad face.

ZYL doing the right thing and the start of everyone the SID has helped over the earlier episodes beginning to step up to help is lovely.

YZ being super creepy continues apace and I am equally looking forward to and dreading the last few episodes again.

As a general point, earlier in the season I didn't see so many instances of just Yunlan or Changcheng in the subtitles, I thought the family name usually came first? I taken it there are situations when just one name is acceptable. I have noticed it in the last couple of episodes.
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This will be a bit disjointed because that is the way my brain is working today.

Wang Zheng and Sang Zan were sweet together up until the end and at least they got to be together.

ZYL immediately asking about Lin Jing when he realised you know who was through the SID shield clearly demonstrates his concern for all the people he claims as his.

I know they are played by the same actor (who is extremely talented) but SW is sparkles, sunshine & spectacular while YZ is a slimeball. It is a bit disconcerting.

Everything with ZYL finally figuring things out in the past is happy making and tragic at the same time because it is so clear that he wants to wrap baby SW up in fuzzy blankets and just coddle him to pieces.

SW & ZYL having their conversation about the 10000 years is sad and sweet in equal measure.

Da Qing as a kitten Yashou in the past is adorable, I honestly expected Kunlun to give him a ball of string and a fishy to play with. I feel so sad that he had to wait so long to get his master back.
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I was not looking forward to these two episodes again solely because they make my head hurt with the what is a dream/what isn't shenanigans.

At the same time, I do love all the stuff with GCC sticking to big brother Chu as instructed by ZYL, he has come a long way since the first couple of episodes.

Speaking of ZYL, there is a whole heap of stuff to love in these episodes from standing tall and proud and basically telling the Minister to get stuffed and stay away from his people & right through to his rescue of GCC & SW.

I am partial to his relief at knowing he can finally act when he gets his note from SW and, as per a good proportion of the fandom, inordinately fond of ZYL escorting SW & the bench conversation.
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Well, I have zipped through the next two episodes relatively quickly. The bit with Lin Jing is much more effective on a second viewing, especially knowing what comes next.

Zhu Hong and her whole ZYL drama vexed me greatly the first time around but I didn't mind it as much here, maybe because I can see the hints of her growing up a bit this time.

I thoroughly enjoyed ZYL being righteous in his interactions with the Minister, intelligent in his one on one with his dad(s) and totally protective of his people.

SW looks heroically suffering and determined in his captivity. It is a good look on him.

Is it just me or does the bit where he can sense when ZYL is in trouble scream bonded for eternity to everyone else?

In an earlier episode ZYL comments on the fact that Guo Changcheng and Chu Shuzhi make a good partnership and these two display that dynamic well.

Lots of things to like and exciting things to come.
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I know a fair amount goes on in these two episodes but I still have to roll my eyes at Sha Ya and her flipping idiocy over who killed Guo Ban (have I spelled that right)? She always seemed far more intelligent than that.

SW calming ZYL down when Guo Changcheng's uncle relates the news of the kidnapping is very nice. His long suffering demeanour when waiting on ZYL coming to after using the Longevity Dial is delightful. Seeing how ZYL went from collapsed on the floor to tucked up in bed should totally have been a scene in the show. Epic level grumpy Black Cloaked Envoy should always be a thing.

SID solving the triple kidnapping in the designated 24 hours proves teamwork works.

SW asking ZYL to stay behind and look after everything else while he goes to Dixing makes me sad. It means I am on the final leg of the re-watch and that sadness is coming. Still, I love this crazy show so I say bring it on!

One completely unrelated commentary on this episode (and a few of the others) is the way GCC's uncle carries the rescued Minister is similar to other instances of people/bodies being carried in other episodes. Do you not get people carried on a fireman's carry on cdramas? It looks odd every time I see it.
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I do love Da Qing and I loved the bit of back story in this episode. I wish we could know more about the speech he remembers SW giving 10000 years before, it would help give a more vivid picture of that time.

The slightly earlier scene of SW protecting ZYL from Da Ja was quite clear again on where ZYL's safety and wellbeing rate on SW's imperative action list.

Watching Lin Jing this time around is much more meaningful since I now know what is coming and why. I find myself wanting to give him a hug of support.

ZYL watching the meeting between his daddy and his SW is still full of angsty overtones. SW should look after him properly and offer apology lollipops.
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I got distracted the first time watching this episode by the personality changes portrayed by the actors, it is still very hard not to just giggle at the shenanigans in the SID and poor Zhao Yunlan trying not to tear his hair out in frustration.

This time I paid more attention to ZYL not succumbing and potential reasons why.

Is there a significance to the number 3 or 33? 30 symbols drawn around the city using the Merit Brush with 3 more required to free you know who is quite intriguing.

Oh yeah, the bit with Li Jing talking to ZYL in the SID office had him referring to ZYL & SW as lovers (not seriously, I know) in the English subtitles, something about a lovers' world... is that a bit of wonky translation?
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It is not one of my favourite episodes but it still has some very interesting scenes in it.

ZYL being Player One is interesting because it shows him doing what it takes to protect others. Taking out the better part of his team with a feather duster still makes me giggle... and I love him saving the day with his 'skills' in wire cutting.

Things I still want to know are how they get the other SID members out of the hospital since Da Qing wakes up not remembering what happened (and apparently not because of his memory loss).

Another burning desire is to see Shen Wei's reaction when Zhao Yunlan tells him about the game rounds, particularly the 50/50 one at the end that ends up with the death of the other player. I can't see SW's reaction being particularly calm at how close ZYL came to death without him being aware or being able to intervene.

On a final, slightly sillier note, I adore that ZYL even slouches sitting behind interrogation tables.

Edited to correct typo in the episode number.

TV watching

Apr. 1st, 2019 06:38 pm
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Well, I have been away visiting this weekend and back at work today so television viewing was somewhat limited.

I did re-watch the last half of Yuri!!! on Ice while travelling, always a fun choice.

Today one of my favourite shows returned to the BBC, The Repair Shop. I know at least some of the old episodes are on YouTube so if you've never seen it (and you like to see craftspeople restoring beloved items) I recommend it. *g*

My main viewing plan though is to continue my Guardian re-watch. I know I have a lot of EMOTIONS coming my way and I cannot wait to get sucked into the latter half of this show again.
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Nobly suffering Shen Wei when he's doing whatever is necessary to get Zhao Yunlan healed should be held up as a shining example of heroic woobieness... then times it by a factor of 1000 when he realises that there is no way ZYL is keeping his eyes at the price of someone else's pain.

I still thoroughly approve of the scene in the SID office when ZYL gets his healing. I am finding more things to notice on the repeat viewing, though. There is symmetry in the anonymous email providing the info on how to fix ZYL coming from the first 'victim' that ZYL saves with the Black Cloaked Envoy. Also, what was up with SW's hand holding the Longevity Dial? Was the Dial fighting being released?

In the next episode we get the long-suffering Dixing bar owner again. He deserves a cookie for putting up with ZYL again. It does give us one of Shen Wei's most epic 'why do I have to deal with these infants' faces when he watches Zhao Yunlan and Da Qing with the bar owner.

Back in Zhao Yunlan's apartment, what is the energy field he is seeing when Shen Wei is preparing dinner?

I hadn't noticed it on first viewing but before ZYL freaks out when he sees Shen Wei's wrist he asks SW if he woke up and was still hungry (according to the subtitles). Curious to know what happened in the span of time in between. *g*

Da Qing was adorable in both episodes, as well. I approve of him being a good Deputy Chief and giving Little Guo time off to visit the graves of his parents. He cares about his subordinates too, just like ZYL.
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Well, I went into this one remembering it as a sort of filler between what happens to ZYL and the episode where it gets fixed.

I overlooked a lot.

Things I remembered and still love is Shen Wei taking hovering protectively/worried to a whole new level. Zhao Yunlan having clearly memorized his consultant's teaching schedule, him also clearly being the calmest person in the room about his 'injury' & the SID family letting it out that they are now also in on the secret identity of their consultant.

Things I forgot include ZYL listening to the messages Da Qing brings from his team and his bat ears picking up on the mention of Kunlun in the snippet Zhu Hong reads from the Ancient Records, and exactly how tied together with the Hallows that he was. I also overlooked the scene with Da Qing and Shen Wei's doctor friend being interrupted by a nurse bringing in paperwork and the first mention of the recent tragic loss of a pregnant patient during the last few days. That is a quiet harbinger of future doom, isn't it?

I also forgot about the scene with Shen Wei and the man I still call the nutty professor in my head. It is one of the earlier hints about what is going on in the government's secret project.

This show is so adorably addictive I am already eager to watch the next episode again.
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Well, I have made it to half way again. *g*

I appreciated Zhu Hong much better on this viewing of the episode. She appears to have much more focus and depth in this one and that is a good place to build her emotional development from in the latter stages of the show.

It is also yet another episode that demonstrates the confining of Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei in an enclosed space (be it a cave, apartment or vehicle) results in an emotional wallop of some description.

Shen Wei swooping in to save his Zhao Yunlan never gets old and the worry/anguish he expresses with a few minute expressions is very apparent. It makes a person want to sign him up for some daily hug therapy. He is going to need some!
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I think the thing I like most about #18 is the way that ZYL & SW are in sync when going after Zehuo/Fire. I could watch those two be like that all day long.

My favourite line that I didn't pay as much attention to on my first viewing is ZYL and his fairly pointed reminder to a slightly pontificating SW that Dixing doesn't have any schools.

SW's instinctive response to forbid him to go with him to Dixing again is somewhat of a fools errand but I have to give him points for trying.

#19 again shows good teamwork from the various parts of SID working together to save two of their own (& Fire), plus catch their so-far main bad guy.

The episode also has the most interesting explanation of ZYL to-date when our resident tech guru tells Cong Bo words to the effect that 'if the sky was falling that Chief Zhao would strive against it'. Kind of sums up Zhao Yunlan rather well!

Time to go watch some goofy Guardian vids on YouTube before more serious viewing tomorrow.
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I appreciated the loyalty his team showed to ZYL in these episodes and all the little interactions between them... and I love the fact that SID has inadvertently ended up with the most adorable librarian ever.

What else? I have a burning desire to know about Da Qing's 10 years working with the former chief.

I also like implacable Shen Wei when he's tracking down Zhao Yunlan in Dixing. I certainly wouldn't want to be the person that gets in his way. He does grumpy worried very well by this point in his relationship with ZYL.
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Cong Bo is the only paparazzi type character I have ever really tolerated, go figure.

It is quite a packed episode in terms of plot points that will reoccur if you work your way through them.

Having said that, my central focus is the lets chill out and chat behaviour of our two leads. It is so cosy, so fast! Add in the fact that Zhao Yunlan offers to buy Shen Wei supper later in the episode... a person could be forgiven for reading more into their relationship.

Two things that jar for me on this repeat viewing are Zu Hong and her drinking extravaganza. I know she supposedly loves Zhao Yunlan but just because he heads off with Shen Wei, her reaction seems a bit too OTT for what we've been allowed to see of her relationship with ZYL up until this point in the show.

Altogether unrelated, I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that the chief of the SID doesn't know where the official gateway to Dixing is. Wouldn't it be the first place that should be monitored if the number of fugitive Dixingian people is increasing?
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What can I say about #13 other than thank goodness the cat is finally out of the bag. Poor Zhao Yunlan couldn't have taken much more frustration with Shen Wei and his evasions.

I still love ZYL's wink to Shen Wei during the gun scene. I should probably go hunt down some gifs and state at them for a while.

As for #14, I love all the interaction between ZYL & SW. Whomever picked ZYL's wardrobe for this episode deserves a medal. The rest of the SID crew were interesting with more little snippets catching my eye about them during this second viewing.
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Watching this episode, I am torn between wanting to smack Shen Wei on the head and to consoling Zhao Yunlan that it isn't much longer before his life is infinitely more simple (and complicated).

I am also a huge fan of the way SW stops ZYL from dropping to the floor during Tan Xiao's attempted robbery of the SID. He really will put himself between his ZYL and any danger. *squishes them both*


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